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    The Silver Falcons Aerobatic Team is the official display team of the South African Air Force. Their aim is  to inspire the youth, promote aviation and showcase the skill of SAAF pilots to the general  public. The team flies the Pilatus PC-7 Mk II ‘Astra’ in a 5-ship formation aerobatic display.

    In most military aerobatic teams today, display flying and ground crew duties are coupled to a full-time posting in a dedicated squadron. The Silver Falcons, however, is a part-time  team. Pilots and ground crew all perform display duties as an over-and-above task to their primary postings. 

    Based at Air Force Base Langebaanweg on the South African West Coast, the Silver Falcons are all full-time ab-initio flying instructors at the Central Flying School.

    To date, 98 pilots have been selected to fly in 74 different teams for the Silver Falcons.  Each pilot is assigned a unique, sequential number. Whenever one or more team members  change, a new team number is also allocated.

    Falcons 1-5 make up the flying members of the team. Falcon 6 is the Ground Liaison and  Safety Officer (GLO) and Falcon 7 is  the Public Realtions Officer (PRO)

    The current team, Team 74, validated on 15 April 2013 and have yet to fly their first official display.

  •   ROY1


    Matriculated at SACS in Cape Town in 1995

    Joined the SAAF in 1997
    Completed Pilots Wings Course in 1999
    Qualified as a Flying instructor in 2000 and is currently an A1-Category instructor
    Member of the Silver Falcons from 2002 to 2004 in the number 3 position, participating in 34 shows
    before transferring to 35 Squadron
    Left the SAAF in 2005 to fly PC-9’s in Saudi Arabia for 2 years
    Returned to South Africa mid-2007 and was re-selected for Team 68 in August 2008,
    flying a further 55 displays in the number 2 position
    Presently Chief Flying Instructor at the Central Flying School
    Holder of an Airline Transport Licence including civilian single and multi-engine Grade 2 instructors
    rating on Piston, Jet and Turbine aircraft
    Astra (PC-7 MkII) 2750
    PC-9 (Saudi) 500
    C-47 TP 200
    L-29 (civillian) 80
    Total 3250
    Married to Helma and they have 2 gorgeous children, Robert and Nicole
    3rd Generation SAAF Pilot
    Grandfather is Brig Gen  Johnny Nortje – Ex Fighter Pilot
    Father is Lt Col Rob Sproul, a retired Helicopter test pilot
    Uncle is Major Greg Sproul, an Oryx commander at 22 Squadron
    Passion: Photography & Rowing
  • Markc2


    Farm boy from Mooi River, KZN

    Matriculated from Hilton College in 1999 becoming the 4th generation of my family to attend Hilton College

    SAAF Career:

    Joined the SAAF in May 2003

    Completed Pilots Course in December 2005

    Completed the Basic Air Transport Course in April 2006

    Completed Command Course in May 2007

    Completed Operational Command Course in April 2008

    Completed Multi-engine Command course in September 2008

    Completed Pilots Instructor course in April 2012

    B Category Instructor

    Selected as Falcon 2 in December 2013

    In my spare time I enjoy: Fishing myself single, Cycling and Paddling
    Aircraft & Hours

    1169 on Caravan

    646 on King Air

    600 on PC-7 MkII

    2650 Hours TOTAL

  • JACQUES1  

    Born in Riversdale, Western Cape, grew up in Pretoria and George. 
    Graduated BEng (Mechanical) from the University of Stellenbosch in 2004
    Whilst at Stellenbosch obtained my PPL at Stellenbosch Flying Club in 2002
    Joined the SAAF in May 2005 
    Completed Pilots Course in March 2008 
    Transferred to 41 Squadron and did Cessna Caravan C208 conversion
    Transferred back to Central Flying School Langebaanweg in July 2009 and completed 
    Instructor’s Course in April 2010
    B-category instructor.
    Silver Falcons PRO from January to July 2011.
    Selected as Falcon 3 on 26 July 2011
    Will be transferred to 85 Combat Flying School in December 2012
    Astra (PC-7 MkII) 1050
    C-208 Caravan 110
    Total 1160
    Enjoys kitesurfing, squash, travelling and off-road touring with my motorbike 
  • werner 4  

    PRE SAAF:          
    Born in Port Elizabeth on 08 May 1979        
    Matriculated at Framesby High in Port Elizabeth in 1997        
    Studied for a Bachelors of Commmerce degree in Computer Science at the UPE    
    SAAF CAREER:          
    Initially qualified as a Navigator in the SAAF in 2002        
    Accumulated flight time on the C47TP, C208 as well as the PC-7 MKII      
    Transferred to 85 Combat Flying School at AFB Hoedspruit from 2003 till mid 2005 and trained as a
    Strike Navigator on Aeromachi MB326 MKI Impala        
    After the phasing out of the Impala, selected to continue in the  SAAF as a Pilot and transfered to
    AFB Langebaanweg’s Central Flying School        
    Qualified as a Pilot in December 2006 (attaining the flying trophy)        
    Selected to become a Transport Pilot and was posted to 41 Squadron, AFB Waterkloof, where I flew
    Cessna Caravans (C208B) and Beechcraft King Air 200 and 300 Aircraft      
    Transferred to , 35 Squadron, AFB Ysterplaat in 2009 and flew the C47TP Dakota    
    Qualified Aviation Safety Officer, Maintenance Test Pilot and Flight Instructor within the SAAF  
    Selected for the Silver Falcons in February 2012 as the No 2 for Team 73      
    FLYING HOURS:          
    Astra (PC-7 MkII) 600        
    MB-326 Impala MkI   350 (Navigator)  
    C-208 Caravan 400 70 (Navigator)  
    BE20/30 200        
    C-47 TP 400 140 (Navigator)  
    Total 1600        
    Married to Dolores          
    2 little boys, Luan and Wian          
  • BEAU1

    Born in Durban on 16 September 1979 (shares birthday with Falcon 1)
    Matriculated from Westville Boys High School in 1997
    Joined the SAAF in May 1999
    Completed Pilots Course in December 2001 
    Did rotary wing conversion course in 2002 on Alouette III and Oryx Helicopters
    Based at 15 Sqn, AFB Durban from August 2002 - December 2008
    Completed a Co-pilot tour on the Oryx and Command tours on both the BK-117 and the Oryx
    Transferred to Central Flying School in January 2009 and completed instructors course in 
    October 2009
    B Category Instructor at the Central Flying School
    Selected for the Falcons in August 2010
    Replaced good friend and pilots course colleague Maj Nico Frylinck as No 5,
    ensuring that the position stays with a helicopter pilot!
    FLYING HOURS:          
    Astra (PC-7 MkII) 1140        
    Oryx 950        
    BK117 490        
    Alouette 3 60        
    Total 2640        
    Married to Michelle who is an Interior Designer
    2 Beautiful little girls - Madison and Danica
    Family comes first but in any spare time I enjoy:
      Rugby (big Sharks fan obviously)
      Extreme sports - Motocross in particular
      Reading and listening to music
      Trying to learn the Guitar
  • BRIAN1  

    Born 25 November 1984 in East London
    Grew up in Tzaneen and matriculated from The Kings Court in 2002
    Joined the SAAF in 2004 as a Military Skills Development (MSD) member in the Command
    and Control environment with the intention of becoming an Air Traffic Controller (ATC)
    Qualified as a Command and Control operator in 2005 and was posted to LASS at
    Air Force Base Hoedspruit
    Roles included Radar tracking, Military Flight Authorization and as an Air Space Control Assistant
    Selected as an ATC in 2007. Completed Officers forming and Aerodrome Courses in 2007
    and beginning of 2008 respectively
    Posted to Air Force Base Langebaanweg in 2008 to complete Aerodrome Validation. 
    Appointed as the Public Relations Officer Team 70 of The Silver Falcons in 2009
    Resigned the position in 2011 to focus on personal and ATC aspects
    Rejoined the Silver Falcons as PRO in 2012
     I enjoy Cricket, Golf, watching motor racing and BASS fishing
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