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Major Bheki Shabangu – (Call Sign “Swazboy”)

                                                                                          (Right Wing)


  • Born in Mzinti Nkomazi Mpumalanga

  • Matriculated in 2001 at Tikhuni Secondary  School in Mzinti location


SAAF Career:

  • Join the SAAF in 2004

  • Completed pilots wing course in January 2008

  • Completed Air Transport  conversion course on the C208 December 2008 At 41Squadron PTA

  • Completed Safety Representative course in July 2009

  • Completed C208 command course August 2011

  • Completed C208 Operational Command Course July 2012

  • Completed Instructors course on the PC7 MKII November 2015, current a full time B- Cat Instructor At Central Flying School Western Cape

  • Join the Silver Falcon April 2016 as a PRO, served as the GLO to the team.

  • Total Flying hours:1800 (1090 Caravan, 4.1 C172, 3.9 PCXII, 700 PC7 )



  • Married to Tanele, a clinical psychologist’s intern with a son Wakhelive

  • Parents Ben and Eva with 12 Siblings.